How do I create a group?

To create a group within your organization (bolded), please select your organization from the drop-down menu of the Admin Center. 

Then, select the Groups tab from the menu. 

After the Groups page loads, it will list all the groups within your organization. To create a new group, click on the button that says + Create New Group. 

To create your new group, enter your group's name, create an invite code and add members by clicking the arrow next to their name. This will move members to the "assigned group members" column which means they have been added to your new group.You can add everyone in your organization by selecting Add All, search by a user's name or remove everyone from the group by clicking Remove All. The number of group members will appear at the bottom of the prospective list. Once you've added everyone, make sure to click Create Group.

Once your group has been created, you can add them to an existing challenge or create a new challenge.

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