How do I add people to a group?

Please note, you can only manually add members to a subgroup. You are unable to add members to your organization.

To add a member to your organization, distribute the group invitation code to your employees. We suggest emailing the code to your team or customizing our “Group Invite Code” template (accessible in the Challenge Resource Center) and passing out to employees when you distribute the Movbands or when asking employees to create their accounts. Once employees receive the code, they can use it to join your group. You can find your group invitation code(s) on the Groups  Overview page.

To manually add members to a subgroup, select the subgroup to which you wish to add members from the Admin Center Drop down menu. 

OR, from the organization's overview page, select the Groups tab and then the Actions tab next to the subgroup. Then click Edit.

Once the Subgroup Overview page loads, select the Group Members tab at the top. You can individually add members by clicking the arrow next to their name which will move them over, you can search for members using the search bar or you can add all members. Be sure to click Update Group to save the changes. 




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