How do I send a communication to my group?

Begin by selecting the group from the Admin Center for which you wish to send communications.

Then, select the Communications tab from the left-hand navigation. Once on the Communications tab, click on the New Communication button to be taken to a new communication form.

From the Communication page, you can choose from several Communication templates that make it easy to send out Communications to your group when kicking off your first Challenge. Selecting a template will auto populate the Subject Line and Message fields. Once populated, you'll be able to edit them to better suite  your needs.


Continuing down the page, you can select who you want to send the new communication to an individual user, an entire group, or all users within a specific Challenge. Once you've made your selection, enter a subject for your communication and, if you’d like, attach a file.

After composing your message, specify if you want to have the communication delivered immediately or at a later date. If you select “Schedule delivery of communication”, specify a future date and time for your communication to be sent. Once you’re satisfied with your message, simply click the “Send Message” button and you’re all set!


*Please note, all messages will be sent to users via their dashboard. If they have updated their communications preferences to include emails or SMS, they will also be sent an email and/or text message.

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