How do I run the Group Ranking report?

To run the Group Ranking Report, a report on the activity of your groups and to show the leaderboard rankings for your groups, please log into your account, select the Admin Center tab and select your organization or group. 

(1) Select the Reports tab and then the Group/Individual Ranking report. Select the date range you'd wish to view. 

You can select to view the HTML version or download as a CSV. 

The report will show you both the Activity Totals and the Activity Averages for all the groups in your organization. 

For a view of each group's individuals, click on the view link. 

(2) If you wish to run the Group Report for a specific Challenge, Choose the Challenges tab from the side menu. Next, select the challenge you would like to run the report on. Once the Challenge overview page loads, click on the Reports tab. A drop-down menu will appear with different challenge specific reports you can run; please select Group Ranking Report. 

The report will automatically load as HTML with the option to download as a CSV. 


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