What is the Group/User Rankings Report and how do I run it?

The Group/User rankings report displays the number and percentage of days participants have been active during a given date range. To be considered an "active day" a participant must achieve more than 1,000 moves.

 To run this report, select your organization or group from the Admin Center drop-down menu.

Then on the Reports tab, select the Group/User Rankings. From the Group/User Rankings Report, select the start and end dates for which you'd like to run the report. You can then select the blue "View" button to view the results directly within your web browser or the grey "Download" button to download the report as a CSV file.


When viewing the report in your web browser, you will be presented with the group totals if you have groups set up within your organization. You can then expand each group to see the individual rankings within each group.

 Group Ranking View:

Group Ranking with Individual User view:

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