Admin Center Overview

All admins have access to special features in the Admin Center, no matter the group type.  

All features can be accessed from the Admin Center, which will appear once you've been added as an admin of a group/organization. You can find the Admin Center in the navigation links at the top your dashboard, next to "Welcome, Name". Click on the arrow next to Admin Center and chose your group. 

To view details about your organization, select it's bolded name. 

To view a subgroup's details, click on the subgroup's name under the bolded organization's name:

You will be navigated to the group overview page, which shows details of your group. 

In Admin Center, you'll be able to select a tab on the right-hand side to access the special features: 


You can create smaller groups (also known as subgroups) within your Organization so that the groups can compete against each other in a challenge.  Users can belong to as many subgroups as they wish. 



This tab allows you to manage your members, add or remove other admins and view members who don't belong to a subgroup. 



A communication is a message you can send to all or certain members of your group. A communication will always be delivered to their dashboard, but the users also have the choice to receive it via email and/or SMS as well. Communications are a great way to share challenge details, encouraging notes or reminders to sync.



Challenges are a fun way to get your group engaged. You can create challenges for any duration of time to compete against each other, either individually or group to group, to see who is the most active. Please note, a small group may not have this feature enabled, but please reach out to our Customer Success team and we'd be happy to enable this feature for your group!


Reports allow you to view your results of your challenge and give an insight into your group's activity. There are four types of reports you have access to Activity, Sync Date, Active Days and Group/User Rankings.


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