Third Party Devices

All groups are created automatically with third-party device capabilities enabled for your corporate organization. 

Your users will be able to connect their supported third-party devices. Please log into your Move dashboard and select your organization from the Admin Center drop down tab. You'll see your Invite Code and you'll want to click on the box "Copy Invite URL" so you can distribute this to users who wish to create new accounts. Once you've clicked this box, this link will be automatically copied to your clipboard and you can paste it anywhere - in an email, on a flyer, etc. 

If you have existing users who wish to add their third-party device, as long as they belong to your organization, they will be able to remove their existing Movband and add their third-party device. 

If you have users that have other third-party devices not currently on our list of supported devices, please let us know by emailing your Relationship Manager or and our development team can have them added. 


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