What third party devices are compatible with the Move dashboard?

The HealthSpective Engage Move dashboard is compatible with:

DHS Group
Movband 2, Movband 3, Movband 4

Blaze, Alta, Flex, Flex 2, Charge, Charge HR, Charge 2, Force, One, Surge, Ultra, Zip, Fitbit App

VivoActive, Vivofit, Vivoki, VivoSmart, Garmin Connect App

UP, UP 2, UP 3, UP 4, UP24, UP Move

Flash, Shine

Moves App


Yoo RX

Apple Health + Apple Watch*

Google Fit + Android Wear*

MapMyFitness app**


LifeFitness app**

*Apple Health, Apple Watch, Google Fit and Android Wear work exclusively with our HealthSpective app and do not act as traditional third party devices. Please see our HealthSpective App User Guide for more information on using these. 

**Please note, the MapMyFitness, Strava and LifeFitness apps are supported with the Move dashboard however, they do not support routine activity, meaning, these apps do not record everyday activity nor do they actively track steps and moves.These three apps will not add steps, moves or miles as activity in your Move dashboard. Rather, these apps are great for recording individual workouts. We recommend using these apps in conjunction with a device which records routine activity too.  Check out our other articles for more information on Routine Activity and Fitness Events and the difference between the two

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