I don't have a Move account; how can I create an account and connect my third party device?

There are two ways to get started with a Move account and register your third party device: 

If you belong to a corporate organization
If you belong to a corporate organization, there are a couple ways to get started by creating your account:

1. Invite Code URL
 Please obtain the Invite URL from your group administrator. The Invite URL will direct you to create your account while automatically adding you to your organization. The Invite URL should look like this: https://dashboard.movable.com/users/new?group_invite_code=UniqueInviteCode

Please paste the Invite URL in your web browser and your Account Registration page will open up: 

Notice that you're already a part of your organization. 

2. Invitation Code 
If you don't have your organization's Invite URL, you can join your organization by entering the Invitation Code (obtained from your group administrator) in the Groups field on the registration page. 

*If you don't have an invitation code or the invite URL, you can still create your account, but will not be able to add your third party device until you join your organization or purchase a subscription token (details below.) 

For either method, please complete the Account Registration page and make sure to fill in all required fields, then select Register. 

 Once your account has been created, you will be prompted to add your third party device on the Devices page. Select your manufacturer and click "connect". 

Once you've selected "Connect", you'll be re-directed to a login page of the company for your third party device. Please enter your login credentials and select "Allow". 

Please note, based off which third party device you have. This page will look different. It may take a few minutes to link your accounts. As long as you select Allow, your third party device will be added to your account. 

Once your third party device has been added, you will be directed back to your Move dashboard. 

Please note, your dashboard will not include activity until your first sync. Remember, syncing occurs only with your third party device, so please following the guidelines set by your third party device manufacturer on how to sync your activity. Once you've synced, your activity may not appear instantly in your dashboard. Please allow up to 24 hours for your activity to be populated in your Move dashboard. 

Purchase a Subscription Token
If you don't belong to a corporate organization, but still want to use your third party device, you will need to purchase a Subscription Token. Once you've purchased your token in our online store, you can create your Move account by visiting our Hello page

Once you've created your Move account, you'll automatically be directed to the Devices page where you can enter your subscription token. Enter your alpha-numeric token number in the token redemption field. 

Once your token is redeemed, you will be able to add your third party device manufacturer to your account. Your subscription token is valid for 365 days after redemption. 



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