How do I add my third party device to my existing Move account?

You can add your third party device to your existing Move account. 

You will first want to remove your existing device. To do so, please log into your dashboard and choose the My Account tab at the top. 

Then select the My Devices tab.Then remove your device by clicking the red trash can.


Once your device has been removed, you can select which third party device manufacturer you have and select "Connect".


Once you've selected "Connect", you'll be re-directed to a log in page of the company for your third party device. Please enter your log in credentials and select "Allow". 

Please note, based off which third party device you have. This page will look different. It may take a few minutes to authenticate. As long as you select Allow, your third party device should be added to your account. 

Once your third party device has been added, you will be directed back to your Move dashboard. 



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