How do I sync my Movband 2 using a Mac?

To sync your Movband 2, you’ll need two things: (1) the Movband SYNC software running on a computer, and (2) your device properly connected to the computer.

First, make sure you have our Movband SYNC software downloaded on your computer by visiting this page. (For additional instructions please view our set up guide). After installation, please make sure the software is running. You will know if the software is running if the Movable icon (an arrow) appears in your computer's menu bar or tray, located near the clock. 

Next, please connect your Movband 2 to your computer with the 4 gold pins of your device facing the white plastic in the charging cord.  

When the Movband 2 is syncing, the LCD display on the Movband will read SYNC. When the sync is complete, the screen will switch to USB indicating that it is charging. Please do not unplug the Movband while syncing as it will damage the unit. Once the Movband is charging, it is OK to disconnect.




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