How do I set up & register my Movband 2?

Important: Please make sure you are registered and have synced your device before you use your Movband for the first time. Using your Movband prior to registering your account will cause you to lose the activity moves/miles/steps you've earned before registration.

To get started go to the Hello page and follow the instructions. 

1. Connect your Movband 2 device to your computer using the USB charging cable. 
Your device will only connect when plugged in correctly. Make sure the gold metal pins on the device touch the white plastic piece on the inside of the cable.

2. Install or update the Movband Sync program on your computer to allow you to transfer your activity data from your device to your online account. You can find the Movband Sync software at for both Mac and Windows computers. 

3. After Step 2, you’ll be prompted to create an online account. Once you've registered, be sure to sync right away, as your Move account will begin tracking activity after your first sync. 
If you're not prompted to register after a few seconds, check to make sure the Movband Sync software is installed and open and that your Movband is plugged in correctly (see step 1). 

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