How can I see steps on my Movband 3?

Movband 3 comes ready to show you moves and miles accumulated directly on your device. However, you can alter your settings within your Dashboard to enable steps to be shown on your Movband 3 screen.

To enable steps, simply:

  1. Log into your HealthSpective Engage Dashboard.
  2. Click the “Welcome” link in the top-right area of your Dashboard, then “My Account.”
  3. Click “Preferences” tab on the left side of the Dashboard. 

  4. Within “Preferences”, check the appropriate box that asks whether you’d like for steps to be enabled on your device. 

  5. Sync your Movband 3 device using the included USB charging cable.  

After a successful sync, you should be able to view your steps directly on your Movband 3 screen. 

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