What do the circles on my Movband 3’s screen indicate?

The Movband 3 shows a progress meter on each screen – including the home screen, moves screen, steps screen, and miles screen. Each circle indicates 10% completion towards your goal.

The progress meter on the home screen can be set to moves, steps, or miles. To choose which metric your home screen progress meter links to, simply:

  1. Log into your Dashboard.
  2. Click the “welcome” link in the top-right area of your Dashboard, then “My Account.”
  3. Click “Preferences” on the left side of the Dashboard.

4. Within “Preferences”, select the metric you prefer in the area that asks you to “set progress meter on home screen.”

Please note, in order for the progress meter on home screen to be changed, the Movband must be plugged into the computer and a sync must be performed. 

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