How do I sync my Movband 3?

Your Movband 3 device can be synced through the provided USB cord on the computer, or through the HealthSpective mobile app for iOS or Android devices.

Syncing via USB cord:

To sync your Movband 3, you’ll need two things: (1) the Movband SYNC software running on a computer, and (2) your device properly connected to the computer.

First, make sure you have our Movband SYNC software downloaded on your computer. To install, please visit
After installation, please make sure the software is running. You will know if the software is running if the Movband Sync software icon (an arrow or a circle of dots) appears in your computer's menu bar or tray, located near the clock. 

On a Windows:

On a Mac: 


Next, please connect your Movband 3 to your computer with the 4 gold pins of the USB charging cord snapping into the back cavity of the Movband 3.

When the Movband 3 is syncing, the LCD display on the Movband will read “syncing.” When the sync is complete, the screen will switch to show the current battery percentage charged to indicate that it is charging. Once the Movband 3 is charging, it is OK to disconnect. Please do not unplug the Movband 3 while syncing, as it will damage the unit.


Syncing via the HealthSpective mobile app: 

  1. Ensure you have installed the most recent version of the HealthSpective mobile app. Launch the HealthSpective app and log into your account.  

  1. Once logged in, click on the Sync button in the top menu bar to be directed to the Sync screen.   

  1. Click Sync in the middle circle to sync your Movband. Syncing should only take a few seconds. After syncing, your activity should appear on your Activity screen. 

    **Please note, registration of a Movband 3 should not take place using the HealthSpective app, but instead, please be sure to register and perform your first sync using a computer with the Movband Sync software installed.**


How frequently do I need to sync my Movband?

For optimal performance, we recommend syncing at least weekly. However, the Movband has the capacity to store up to 14 days of activity data.



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