How can I change or set the time on my Movband?

Movband 2 & 3: During the syncing process, the time on your Movband is set to match the that of your computer. To do this, the Movband Sync client looks at the time zone setting of your computer and sets the time on the Movband to match.  

If you've synced your Movband and the time on your Movband is not matching your computer's clock, be sure to check the time zone setting on your computer. Windows and Mac both allow the user to set the clock on the computer independently from the time zone. 

To set the time zone in Windows, go into the Date and Time settings and locate the Change time zone button, as pictured below. 

To set the time zone on a Mac, click on the clock in the top right toolbar and select Open Date & Time Preferences. From the Date & Time settings, click on the Time Zone button. You may need to click on the padlock icon in the lower left corner to unlock the settings to change the time zone. 

Once you've set your computer's clock to the proper time zone, perform another sync of your Movband. When you disconnect the Movband from your computer, the Movband should reflect the correct time.  

  *Movband 3 users should note that syncing through one of our mobile apps will not set the time on your Movband 3. You must sync the Movband from a computer with the USB cord to change the time on your device. 

Movband 4: The time is synced to the user’s phone. Because of this, users must sync their Movband 4 after re-charging their device from a dead battery. The Movband 4 is also programmed to support universal time zones and day light savings time adjustments. 


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