Is my Movband waterproof?

Movband 2 & 3: Your Movband 2 is water-resistant, NOT waterproof. Water-resistant means that your Movband 2 can withstand accidental splashes of water, temporary rain, snow and other wet weather, but should never be submerged in water or subjected to long-term moisture exposure (i.e. taking a shower or swimming).

Movband 4: The Movband 4 is waterproof up to 5 meters. It is safe to wear your Movband 4 in the shower, but be aware if you wear your Movband 4 in pools that are deeper than 5 m. Also, be sure to not wear your Movband 4 where water temperatures are hot or there is steam as the steam and excessively hot water can damage the device.

*If you accidentally get your Movband 2,3, or 4 wet, we suggest trying to dry out the device by keeping it in a container of dry rice for 24-48 hours. If this doesn't work and your device is inoperable, please contact us so we can offer you a discount on a replacement device.

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