How do I Install the Movband Sync Software on my Windows Computer?

To sync your Movband with your computer, you'll need to have the Movband Sync software installed and running. Begin by opening up a new tab or window in your web browser and navigating to

Once on the Hello page, select your device. You will only need to install the Movband Sync software on your computer if you're using a Movband 2 or Movband 3 (the software is not required for Movband 4, third party devices or Apple Health/Google Fit.)

After choosing your device, either Movband 2 or Movband 3, follow the steps provided. 

Step 1: Connect your Movband to your computer using the provided USB charging cord. 

Step 2: Install the Movband Sync program on your computer by clicking the blue "Download Movband Sync" button. Most modern web browsers will indicate the progress of your download near the bottom of the browser window. Once the download completes, open up the installer. See the image below for reference.

The installer will run and the wizard will open. Click the next button in each step of the install wizard to walk through the install process.

Make sure the checkbox labeled "Launch Movband Sync" is checked and click the close button to complete the installation.


Step 3: Once the software has completed installation, verify it is running on your computer by locating the Movband Sync arrow icon in the system tray. The icon may sometimes be hidden and so you may need to expand the system tray by clicking on the arrow icon next to the system tray.


Step 4: You're all set! Connect your Movband to your computer and the Movband should prompt you to register and will sync automatically in the future.


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