My computer keeps saying “Failed to Read Device” when I plug my Movband in - help!

When connecting your Movband to your computer, your Movband should sync automatically. However, you may periodically receive a sync error if something goes wrong. If you receive the error message "Failed to read data from the device", as pictured below, first try disconnecting your Movband from the computer and then reconnecting it. If you are receiving this error message continuously, please try the steps below.

1. Completely close out of the software by right-clicking on the Movband Sync Software icon and selecting exit (Windows). If on a Mac, left click on the Movband Sync Software icon and select Quit Movband Sync (Mac) 
2. Keep Movband plugged into computer
3. Re-open the software by clicking the Movband Sync software shortcut on your desktop or opening it from your Programs or Applications folder.

Performing the steps above in the order listed, should resolve this sync error. If the problem persists, however, please reach out to us at

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