How do I change between miles and kilometers?

Movband 2, 3, & 4: Your Movband will default to imperial units (miles). To change to metric units (kilometers), log into your Move Dashboard in a web browser.
1. Click on the Welcome, Name drop down menu and select My Account.

2. Under the My Account tab, select "Preferences." 

3. Looking at “Unit Preferences,” select your preferred distance and then click “Update.”

Once you have changed your preference in your dashboard, you will need to sync your device using the USB cord (Movband 2 or 3) or using the mobile app (Movband 4 only).  

*Please note, you cannot update your preferences in the HealthSpective app at this time. Please log into your Move Dashboard on a computer or in your mobile device's browser in order to update your goals. If you're using a Movband 4, you will have to go back into the app to sync in order for your goals to update on the device.  

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