Why would I want to have multiple devices registered with my account?

The ability to register multiple devices with your account is helpful if you wish to include fitness events with your account. To learn more about fitness events, please view What is a Fitness Event? Please note, the ability to use third-party devices is available to all users in organizations in which it is supported.

You can use your Movband (or another third party device) to record your routine activity and still record your fitness events by using other third-party devices. You can even toggle between which device is your primary device (the one that records your routine activity). 

Currently, all Movbands (Movband 2, 3 and 4) only have the ability to record routine activity and do not record fitness events. However, say you forget your Movband at home for the day. If you have an additional third-party device added to your account, such as a phone app, you can set that device as your primary device for the time so that you don't lose out on activity for the day. Please note, fitness events are only available for third-party device users with supported devices (unfortunately, Movbands do not support fitness events).

Not sure about what routine activity versus a fitness event is? The difference between routine activity and fitness activity is how your activity is labeled. 

When you wear your device around all day, due to the 3-D accelerometer technology, the devices pick up activity all the time. Your normal movement day to day is considered "routine." Fitness activity is activity that is performed at a higher intensity during a specific timeframe, such as an hour-long run or 30-minute aerobic dance session. 

Some third-party manufacturers and device allow users to manually (and some automatically) enter these fitness events as a way to track them. Every time you perform an activity that is at a higher intensity, like a run, walk, hike, aerobics, swimming, you can enter this. When you sync your third-party device, your fitness events will come over in your Move dashboard, so you can track your progress.

There is no limit on how many additional devices you can register with your account, only that you may only have one Movband registered with your account. If you don't have an additional third-party device, try registering a third party app, like the Moves app or Map My Fitness to add fitness events to your Move account. 

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