What is the rolling leaderboard?

When viewing the group leaderboard on the Groups page, you may notice that the group leader board defaults to a rolling 30 day activity count. This means that the activity will fluctuate from day to day because the leader board reflects the total number of moves/miles/steps 30 days from the current date. Since each day has a different number, the leader board's numbers too will be different each day.

As an example, you may notice your moves dropping off as that hiking trip you went on last month becomes begins to fall off of your graph at the end of the 30 days. If you haven't synced your Movband in a couple days, you may find that those two days of 0 moves put you behind your cube neighbor, Bob, who just synced his Movband two hours ago. Sync your Movband to populate your activity graph with your moves and watch yourself shoot up the leaderboard.

If you're looking to see how you stack up again the competition for a specific period of time, you can always do this by clicking on the Select Range drop down menu from the top of the page and selecting one of the preset time periods or picking your own using the Custom Range option. These options will give you a more static view of your group's leaderboard. This functionality is also seen on your main activity page.

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