Why do some devices track moves, steps and miles and others don't?

Some activity trackers collect moves, steps, and miles while others only track workouts.  

When you wear your device around all day, due to the 3-D accelerometer technology, the devices pick up activity all the time. Your normal movement day to day is considered routine and will appear as moves, steps, and miles on your device and in your Move dashboard. 

Some third party manufacturers, devices, and apps allow users to manually (and some automatically) enter workouts as a way to track them. Every time you perform an activity that is at a higher intensity, like a run, walk, hike, aerobics, swimming, you may be able to enter this into your app as a workout. When you sync your third party device, your workouts will come over in your Move dashboard, so you can track your progress in your Move account as well. They will be displayed in a log on the side of your dashboard and days will be denoted as a dark blue bar (rather than teal) when a workout was logged. 

Please note, works and the ability to track them are only available for third party device users with supported devices and are not able to.


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