What is a Fitness Event?

A fitness event is an event in your day where the activity is considered "fitness level" because it was performed at a higher intensity than your normal, routine activity. 

 For example, you wear your third-party device all day long and it picks up all your activity throughout the day, including just when you walk around. This everyday, normal wear activity is considered "routine" activity. Now, say you take a run for a half hour. This run, because it is not routine and is performed at a higher intensity level, is considered a "fitness event" for this amount of time. 

Some third-party manufacturers and devices allow users to manually (and some automatically) enter these fitness events as a way to track them. Every time you perform an activity that is at a higher intensity, like a run, walk, hike, aerobics, swimming, you can enter this in. When you sync your third-party device, your fitness events will come over automatically in your Move dashboard, so you can track your progress in your Move account as well. 

 Any day with at least one fitness event will be marked as a navy blue column, rather than the normal teal column in the My Activity tab of your dashboard. You'll also see a log of all your fitness events on the same page. If you click on the arrow next to a specific date, more details about that fitness event will show, including the type of fitness, time the event started and the distance. 

Please note, currently, the ability to add fitness events is limited to third party device users only. 

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