What devices capture routine activity?

Currently, the dashboard is compatible with the following manufacturer to provide routine activity:

DHS Group

Movband 2

Movband 3

Movband 4


Flex, Charge, Charge HR, Force, One, Surge, Ultra, Zip, Fitbit App and Web Portal


Connect App, VivoActive, Vivofit, Vivoki, VivoSmart


Up, UP 2, UP 3, UP 4, UP24, UP Move


Misfit Flash

Misfit Shine

Moves App

Apple Health + Apple Watch*

Google Fit + Android Wear*

*Apple Health, Apple Watch, Google Fit and Android Wear work exclusively with our HealthSpective app and do not act as traditional third-party devices. Please see our HealthSpective App User Guide for more information on using these. 

 **Only devices that support routine activity (actively track steps and moves) can be set as your primary device and will display activity in your dashboard.


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