How do I add an additional device to my Move account?

To register an additional device with your account, please log into your dashboard and select the My Account tab from the "Welcome, Name" drop-down menu.

Then select the devices tab on the right-hand side. 

Once you are on the Devices page, you'll see your list of registered devices

To add a new device, scroll to your third-party device manufacturer and select "Connect".

Once you've selected "Connect", you'll be re-directed to a login page of your manufacturer. Please enter your login credentials and select "Allow" or "Authorize". It may take a few minutes to authenticate. Once your third-party device has been added, you will be directed back to your HealthSpective Engage dashboard.

Please note, only one Movband can be registered with your Move account. Also, only activity data from your primary device will be used in your activity dashboard from the time you made it primary forward. It will not retroactively add activity data. 


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