What if my Movband stops tracking my moves?

Movband 2 & 3: If you notice that your Movband 2 or 3 has stopped tracking activity data, the moves and miles seem to be stuck at the same number for an extended amount of time even after moving, please follow the following steps.
First, please ensure that you’re using the latest version of the Movband Sync software and Movband firmware. Please click on your Movband Sync Icon by the time on your desktop and click on Check for Updates (Windows) or About Movband Sync (Mac) to see if your software is up to date.
Once you have verified that you’re using the latest software and firmware, please connect your Movband to your computer to sync and charge for 2-3 hours. This performs a reset on the Movband and by resetting, the Movband should resume tracking your movements.
When connecting your Movband to the USB charging cable, be sure that the copper pins on the Movband are facing towards the white plastic on the inside of the USB charging cable. The Movband will fit into the charging cable in either direction, however, it will only charge and sync if connected in this manner. 
For most of our customers, this will resolve your issue and you’ll be on your way to moving again! If this doesn't resolve the problem, please contact us at info@dhsgroup.com. 

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