I just received my Movband and I noticed there’s discrepancy between what was just synced and what’s on my device

Movband 2, 3, &4: When you register your Movband, an initial sync is performed between your Movband and your newly created account. During this first sync, any activity that exists on the Movband is considered preexisting activity. This activity is discarded and will not be reflected on your account Dashboard. This is done to prevent your account from receiving credit for moves that may have been generated in shipping. It is important, then, that you create an account and register your Movband when you first receive it. 

If you have 1500 moves on your Movband, whether it be from shipping or your own activity, when you first create your account, those moves will not be uploaded to your account. This is because that activity preexisted on the Movband at the time of registration. Once the Movband has been registered to an account and synced, all new activity will begin to sync with your account. 

To avoid having conflicting moves or miles between your Movband and Dashboard, it may be helpful to reset the counters on your Movband once you've created your account. You can do this by pressing the lower button on the side of the Movband 2 or 3 to toggle to the moves view. Then, while moves are displayed on the screen, press and hold down both side buttons for about five seconds. You will see the screen flash and the counter will return to 0. If you press the lower button again to toggle to your miles view, you will see that your miles counter has also been reset to 0. While you can perform, this reset at any time, doing this after registration helps to avoid any discrepancy in moves or miles between your Movband and your online Dashboard. Please note, Movband 4's cannot reset activity. 

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