I measured my distance on a treadmill or track, and my Movband is showing different mileage. Why?

Movband 2, 3, & 4: Movbands were designed to capture your average daily movement to give you a good gauge of when you need to move more. The majority of our total daily movement comes from steps, with the remainder of movement coming from other activities – like doing chores, hobbies, etc. As such, our algorithm is built to accommodate the range of activities that you’ll take part in during the day. This means that the movement you get from walking or running will be balanced out with the movement from other activities.
Because of this, you may notice that when you go for a walk or run, the distance isn’t as far as you actually traveled. Or, when you do a chore such as doing the laundry, you might get more moves and miles than you would expect. As these activities average out throughout the day and over time, you’re given a good approximation of your total distance.

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