How do I locate my Movband's serial number or device ID?

Movband 2 & 3: To obtain the serial number, connect your Movband to the computer with the Movband Sync software running. If on a Windows computer, please right click on the Movband arrow icon in the system tray in the lower-right corner of the screen and select "Check for updates" in the menu that appears. You may need to expand the system tray to locate the icon as Windows often hides many of these icons. If on a Mac, you will find the Movband arrow icon in the taskbar at the top of your screen in the upper right corner. Click on the Movband arrow icon and select "About Movband SYNC" from the menu that appears.  

The pop up window that is generated from these steps will contain the 24 digit serial number of your Movband 2 or a 12 digit serial number of your Movband 3. 

*Please note, the number on the back of the Movband 2 is not its serial number.  

*Please also note, the Movband 3 does have its serial number on a sticker on the back of the device along with on the bottom of the box. 

Movband 4: The serial number of the Movband 4 is located on the device's ID screen. Press the button to toggle to the ID screen (located after the Sleep Mode screen) on the Movband 4. It is a 6 digits long. 

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