How will I know when my Movband is fully charged?

Movband 2: To see if your Movband 2 is fully charged, connect your Movband to the computer with the Movband SYNC software running.

If on a Windows machine, you will then right click on the Movable icon (an arrow) in the system tray in the lower-right corner of the screen. The battery percentage will display in the menu that appears. You may need to expand the system tray to locate the icon as Windows often hides many of these icons.

If on a Mac, you will find the Movable icon in the taskbar at the top of your screen in the upper right corner. Click on the Movable icon (a circle of dots) and the battery percentage will display in the menu that appears. 

Movband 3: To see if your Movband 3 is fully charged, connect your Movband 3 to a wall outlet using the USB cord you received. On the screen of your Movband 3, you will see the battery percentage it is currently charged at.
You may also connect your Movband 3 to a computer using the USB cord. In this case, the device will initially attempt to sync with the Movband SYNC software (and will display the word “syncing” on the screen). After the sync completes, your Movband 3 will show the battery percentage your Movband 3 is currently charged at.

Movband 4:  While the Movband 4 is charging an animated battery icon will flash to indicate that the re-charge is in process. Once the Movband 4 is fully charged the battery icon will display as follows:


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