How do I install the Movband Sync Software for Chrome?

The Movband Sync app for Chrome can be installed on your Chromebook or any other computer that has the Google Chrome web browser installed. To install our Movband Sync app for Chrome, please follow the instructions below.
1.    You can get to our app directly here in the Chrome Web Store.
2.    Click on the blue "Add to Chrome" button next to the Movband Sync app in the search results.

3.    Click "Add app" in the dialog box that appears.

4.    A new tab will open in your Chrome browser to indicate that the app has been added to your Chrome Apps.

5.    Launch the app by clicking on the Apps icon in your Chrome browser and then clicking on the Movband icon in your list of Chrome apps.
6.    Once the application has launched, connect your Movband to your computer to register or perform a sync.


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