What do the icons on the Movband 4 display mean?

To navigate through the multiple screens, simply touch the tapspot:



Time and Date – Once the Movband 4 has been synced, the date and time will also automatically update to your mobile device's time setting.  


 Steps - Daily steps achieved. Steps will reset to 0 at midnight 


Distance - an approximation of your daily distance traveled. Miles will reset to 0 at midnight. Your distance is determined by multiple factors including your steps, intensity, and stride length, among others. Pre-set to miles but you can change your distance to kilometers in your Account Preferences.  


Calories - Total active calories burned for the current day. Calories will reset to 0 at midnight. Currently, there is no way to view calories in your Move dashboard or a way to edit calories on the device.  


Active Minutes - Total number of minutes in which you were actively moving for the current day. 


Goal – Displays your percentage to goal based on the daily step goal you've set in your HealthSpective Engage dashboard. The step goal is automatically set to 10,000 steps per day.  


Alarm - Displays the alarm setting if you've selected to enable alarms in your Preferences in your HealthSpective Engage dashboard. Currently, alarms are not enabled but this feature is coming soon!


Sleep - Sleep mode is enabled after a certain time when activity is not detected. Give your Movband 4 a few shakes to wake it up and get moving!  

ID – Display's your Movband 4's 6 alpha-numerical digit serial number. You need this number to pair your device with your HealthSpective Engage account.  

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