I'm trying to register a replacement Movband 4, but my app is only connecting with my old Movband

If your mobile device is struggling to identify and pair with your new Movband 4, there are a few things to check.  

  1. Ensure you have removed your old Movband from your account. To do so, please first sync your Movband before removing it (if possible). Then, log into your Move dashboard in your mobile device's browser or on a browser on a computer (www.dashboard.movable.com), navigate to the Welcome, Name drop down menu > My Account > Devices. Click the trash can next to your Movband to remove it from your account.  

  1. Once your Movband has been removed, go into your Bluetooth settings on your mobile device, locate your Movband 4 and then "forget this device." 

  1. To ensure your Bluetooth no longer picks up your old device, please be sure to place your old device in a different location from your new one. We recommend putting it in a different room or a location altogether.  

  1. Open your app to pair with your new Movband 4.  

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