How do I sync my Movband with the HealthSpective app?

Movband 2: Movband 2 is not compatible with our Mobile app, and can only be paired via computer with USB cord. 

Movband 3 and 4: Please follow these steps to sync your Movband 3 or 4 with the HealthSpective app: 

  1. Ensure you install the most recent version of the HealthSpective app from the Apple App Store or Android's Google Play store.  

  1. Launch the app and enter your login credentials. 

  1. Click the Sync button at the top and then on the Sync screen, click the teal Sync button. The circles around the Sync button will spin until syncing is completed – it should take no more than a couple seconds.  

  1. After syncing is complete, your activity should appear in your Activity tab.


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