How do I sync using the HealthSpective app?

You can wirelessly sync your Movband 3, Movband 4, Google Fit or Apple Health directly in your HealthSpective app.  

  1. Launch the HealthSpective app and log into your account.  

  1. Once logged in, click on the Sync button in the top menu bar to be directed to the Sync screen.   

  1. Click Sync in the middle circle to sync your Movband. Syncing should only take a few seconds. After syncing, your activity should appear on your Activity screen.  

*Please note, your first sync with the Movband 3 must be performed on a computer with the Movband Sync software but all subsequent syncs can be performed with the app.  

**If you receive the following error message; Sync Failed - No movement data to sync, please give your device a couple shakes to add a few steps and then try syncing again. 

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