How do I add a replacement Movband 4 to my account using the HealthSpective app?

‚ÄčTo register a replacement Movband 4, you will need both access to a web browser (you can use your phone's browser, but it is easiest on a computer) and the HealthSpective mobile app.  

  1. First, you will need to remove your current device from your account. To do so, on a web browser, log into your Move Dashboard by visiting 

  1. Navigate to the *Devices* tab under your *My Account* page. 

  1. Remove your current Movband by clicking on the trash can icon next to your Movband. 

  1. Once your Movband has been removed from your account, open up your HealthSpective app on your mobile device.  

  1. Log into your Dashboard and you should be sent directly to the Connect a Device page. Select Movand 4. You will then be prompted to enter your Movband's ID. Your Movband 4's ID is located on your device's ID screen after the sleep mode screen. It is a six digit alpha-numeric code.  

  1. After your new Movband 4 has been registered with your account, be sure to sync immediately. The Movband will not track activity in your Dashboard until after your first sync. 

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