How do I replace my current device with my Google Fit account using the HealthSpective app?

To register a replacement using Google Fit as your device on the HealthSpective app, you will need both access to web browser (you can use your phone's browser, but it is easiest on a computer) and the HealthSpective mobile app.  

  1. First, you will need to remove your current device from your account. To do so, on a web browser, log into your Move Dashboard by visiting  

  1. Navigate to the *Devices* tab under your *My Account* page. 

  1. Remove your current device by clicking on the trash can icon. 

  1. Once your device has been removed from your account, open up your HealthSpective app on your mobile device. You may have to install the Google Fit app and the Android Wear app (if using a device compatible with Google Fit) and log in with your Google account. 

  1. Log into your Dashboard and you should be sent directly to the Connect a Device page. Select Google Fit and then Connect. (Please note, if you do not belong to a corporate organization which allows third party device access, you may be required to purchase an Annual Move license. See note below.) 

  1. You will then be prompted to choose the account for HealthSpective which you'd like to add – select your account and click Add Account (please note, this is the account in which your Google Fit account is associated with.) 

  1. Then, you will be prompted to authorize the transfer of your activity to HealthSpective - click Allow. 

  1. Once added, be sure to sync to begin collecting activity. As soon as you sync, your activity will appear in your dashboard immediately.  


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