What is an HRA?

A Health Risk Assessment, or HRA, is a survey you take which allows you to evaluate your own health and healthy habits. If your Admin requests your participants to take the HRA, you will be prompted with the survey in your Dashboard upon your next login. You will not be able to continue into your Dashboard until your HRA is complete. All questions must be answered but don't worry, the HRA is just meant to give you and your admin an overall idea of where you're at with your health and will also give you an idea of what areas you may want to work on improving. 

Our HRA is broken down into 5 basic topics; nutrition, physical activity, quality of life, workplace productivity and general health. 

Once you've completed your HRA, you will be able to view your results in your dashboard by clicking on the My Health tab at the top and selecting Health Risk Assessments. You will see where your general results lie per topic and then you can also view each individual response. 

Aggregate results based on category:

To view your specific results for that survey:

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