How do I view my employees' HRA results?

If you've enabled a Health Risk Assessment for your employees and are looking to view the results, first, log into your HealthSpective Engage Dashboard. From the Admin Center tab, choose your organization. 

Then, select the Health Risk Assessment tab on the left-hand side. Your HRA reports are listed in chronological order. The Posted Date is the date the HRA was started and the End Date is the last day that your employees will be able to take the HRA. Click View Report to open your results. 

Your results will be shown based on one of 5 topics: Nutrition, Physical Activity, Quality of Life, Work Place Productivity and General Health. The pie chart will break down the number of positive and negative responses for all questions in that category from everyone who has completed the HRA.  It will also indicate if your population is doing well, at risk or needs action for that topic. 

You can delve even deeper into the data by clicking on See More Details at the bottom of each topic's tile. Each question in that topic will show how many employees chose which answer to the question. 

Please note, at this time, only aggregate reporting is available. An admin does not have the ability to view an individual member's HRA results. 

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