How do I complete activities in my Finance portal?

When you're logged into your Engage dashboard, navigate to the Finance module at the top of your dashboard. 

Once in your Finance module, click on the Finance Portal button to enter your Finance dashboard where you can complete activities, read articles and learn more about your specified focus. You will not need to log in. 

Once in your Finance portal, your focus which you have selected will appear at the top of your portal along with the focus' list of activities to complete. If there is an open circle next to the article, it has not yet been completed. 

To view an article and complete the activity, click on the article name. An in-app window will pop-up on the side. Click View Article to open the article in a new window. Please note, you may want to disable your pop-up blocker in order to view articles. 

Once you've read your article, your list will automatically update to include a green check mark when completed. If you  go back to your Engage dashboard, you may have to refresh the page, and the activity will be moved to the "completed column" and your points will have updated automatically. 

Please note, all activities in the Finance module are worth 5 points, even if in the separate portal they could be worth more. Edukate (who hosts the finance portal) has a different points system in place. 

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