Are there other courses or activities I can complete in Finance?

Yes! Your Finance Portal offers not only articles related to your specific focus (Budgeting, Purchasing a Vehicle, Estate Planning, Retirement Readiness, Purchasing a Home, Having a Baby, Getting Married, Manage Credit/Debt and Manage Student Loans), but there are multiple other courses, learning paths and guides you can complete as well. 

Log into your Engage dashboard and navigate to your Finance module then log into your Finance Portal. 

Once you've logged into your Finance Portal, you'll see your Dashboard. On the right-hand side, you'll see Explore with different options to view: Personal Finance Guide, Step by Step Guides, Learning Paths, and Courses. Each will include multiple articles and activities to complete. Each completed activity is always worth five points in your Engage dashboard. We recommend going through these "extras" for even more education of different financial wellness topics!

Please note, the Personal Finance Guide is a tool (called Kate) which helps analyze and understand your spending habits and plan for your future. You will not receive any points for completing this. 

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